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StopWatch Transport is pleased to offer a variety of freight and shipping solutions to meet the needs of our customers. From freight loads requiring an entire truck to small packages best handled by courier, we have the service you require to keep your business and products moving forward. Our unique custom pallet and crate business can also help to ensure that your valuable items reach their destination safely.


With more than 30 years experience in shipping and freight handling, StopWatch Transport is expertly set up to move your freight quickly and efficiently at an excellent price. Our fleet of new model, temperature controlled trucks (average age - 2 years) will deliver your goods safely and on time. We can deliver single loads at a low hourly rate, or contact us for regular deliveries on a negotiated contract.


StopWatch Transport specializes in designing efficient, cost effective distribution systems to meet the needs of your business.  We will work closely with your team and your customers to design a system of distribution that works for every part of your business. We understand that your deliveries are time sensitive and your shipments need to reach your customers on time, every time. We make serving your needs our top priority.

Custom Pallet and Crate

A unique service offered by StopWatch Transport. After more than 30 years in the shipping industry, we at StopWatch realized that often people did not know an effective way to ensure that their freight was safe and secure in transit. We are pleased to offer custom pallets and crates to meet the unique size or dimensions of the products that you need to arrive safely at their destination. Price is negotiable based on the size of the item and your needs.

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