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StopWatch Transport is a locally owned freight and shipping company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. At StopWatch Transport, we are proud to service our customers and community with excellence.

Our Vision

At StopWatch Transport, we believe that it is essential to be of service to both our customers and our local community. To service our customers, we focus on providing the shipping solutions that meet their needs, based on their situation.. Individualized attention to each customer and their requirements allow us to consistently provide efficient service at a cost that is fair and reasonable.

At StopWatch, we believe that businesses exist for more than just to make money. They are also an opportunity for entrepreneurs to give back to their local community. Through charitable donations, discounted or free use of our equipment, and numerous volunteer efforts, StopWatch has always made it a strong priority to give back to our local community. We take pride in being able to help the people that support our business whenever and wherever we can, the way that they support our continued prosperity and growth as a company.

As well as our consistent devotion to our customers and community, our company is dedicated to being environmentally aware and sustainable. We at StopWatch Transport believe that investing in sustainable, green technology and business practices is the only responsible way to do business.  We are always on the lookout for ways to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

StopWatch is proud to be an efficient company that provides a high level of service and excellent value to our customers while maintaining an active position in our local community and sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of doing business.

Company Profile

StopWatch Transport was founded by the Valgardson family - Jeff and his two sons, Andrew and Luke - to take advantage of their years of experience in the transportation industry.

Jeff started his first company in 1991 delivering dairy products, ice cream and ice for Co-op Dairy Services. Since then, he has run a succesful local business delivering products all over the city of Winnipeg and the province of Manitoba. His years of experience have proved invaluable to StopWatch Transport and have been a driving force of their continued growth.

Andrew joined his father's business after graduation and is now the president of StopWatch Transport. He draws on his father's wealth of experience to expand the company, and is committed to continuing the growth of the company that his father built. Andrew considers community involvement, technology, and enviornmentally sustainable business practices to be the keys that StopWatch must focus on to continue to grow and thrive.

Luke also joined the company after graduation and now occupies the role of vice-president of the company. His drive and work ethic are essential to the effective operation of StopWatch Transport.

StopWatch itself utilizes refrigerated straight box trucks for the majority of their deliveries, making a versatile range of services available to their customers. From small courier parcels to full load freight service, StopWatch is prepared for almost any shipping need presented by a customer.

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